2017 Call for Fellows Now Open!

The ABA Center for Innovation is proud to announce its inaugural Call for Fellows.

There are two types of fellowships available with the ABA Center for Innovation:

NextGen Fellows Recent – within the last 5 years – law school graduates will spend one year in-residence at the ABA headquarters in Chicago, IL. These fellows will receive a stipend of $45,000, along with benefits, during their time in the program. The first cohort of fellows will begin August 1, 2017 and complete their work by July 31, 2018. Bar admission is not necessary.

Innovation Fellows Interested individuals are invited to take a 9-12 week sabbatical from their workplace and spend that time at the ABA headquarters in Chicago working on projects that will improve the legal sector and practice of law. There is no stipend for this fellowship, but the ABA will work with other legal and judicial organizations (e.g. courts, corporations, law schools and bar associations) to develop sponsorships to assist you. There are few limitations on areas of focus for these fellows; if it touches our justice system, it is ripe for intervention and innovation. The first Innovation Fellows will start in April 2017 and will attend on a rolling basis, determined by the length of their participation.

The application has two required parts:

  • Provide a 500-750 word project statement that outlines the problem you propose to address, what work you’ve done on this problem, what resources you think you would need to develop your project and what outcomes you hope to achieve.  Be sure to indicate which type of fellowship you are applying for.
  • Send a resume and include, if available, a link to your website or professional social media profile.

Optional: Send us a short, 2-3 minute video or multi-media presentation, highlighting what you think we need to know about you and the uniqueness you will bring to the Fellows Program. Be creative!

Please send applications to: innovationcenter@americanbar.org