Can I work during my fellowship?
The Fellows Program is a full-time commitment and we ask the participants to not have other job responsibilities during the fellowship.

Can I work remotely or do I need to come to Chicago?
If you are working closely with a host organization , you may stay in its location. Otherwise, you will spend the fellowship time in

I am collaborating with a partner on my project. Can we apply together?
You should both apply for the fellowship individually. If accepted, you can continue to collaborate on your project while at the American Bar Association. These fellowships and the Center for Innovation are all about working together!

Am I allowed to seek outside funding for my fellowship?
Yes, especially if you would like to apply for the shorter Innovation Fellowship, as that is not funded by the American Bar Association.

Who owns the IP for my project?
We hope that any tools and materials that you create here will be licensed in an open and free manner. However, if you choose not to do this, we will work with you on establishing the rights for the project.

What will the ABA provide during the fellowship?
All fellows will have access to the top innovators, educators, technologists and designers in the nation. Additionally, they will receive a comprehensive “boot camp” training to help kickstart their project. Fellows will be able to take advantage of ongoing learning opportunities in and around Chicago from institutions like Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Chicago Kent Law School, IIT Institute of Design, 1871 Chicago Technology and Entrepreneur Incubator, courts, legal aid organizations and more. Finally, they will be able to participate in many learning opportunities at the ABA and affiliated groups.

NextGen Fellows will receive a salary of $45,000 (and benefits) for their year at the ABA.

Chicago-based fellows will be provided space (with all the accoutrements and office supplies that you’ll need) in the ABA Center for Innovation’s collaborative work space.

Do I have to be a programmer?
You don’t need to have any programming experience. However, you should have some sense of the technology that may be needed to bring your project to fruition.

Do I have to be a lawyer or law graduate?
The NextGen Fellows are required to be a law graduate. However, the Innovation Fellows can be anyone who wants to improve the justice system and legal profession.

Where can I find host organizations?

Some places that you may consider looking are:

  • Legal Aid Organizations
  • Public Defender offices
  • District Attorneys offices
  • LSC Pro Bono Innovation Grantees
  • LSC TIG Grantees
  • State Access to Justice Commissions
  • National Center for State Courts
  • NLADA Job Board
  • org
  • PSJD

A more extensive list can be found here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!