The application has two required parts:

  • Provide a 500-750 word project statement that outlines the problem you propose to address, what work you’ve done on this problem, what resources you think you would need to develop your project and what outcomes you hope to achieve.  Be sure to indicate which type of fellowship you are applying for.
  • For NextGen Fellow applicants, preference will be given to applicants who indicate that an organization is willing to host the applicant during the fellowship. For example, if an applicant wants to automate various parts of a particular legal service, the applicant could reach out to a legal aid office that regularly handles that kind of service and ask if the office is willing to host the applicant if the applicant becomes a fellow. Applicants should make clear to potential hosts that the ABA Center for Innovation or a sponsor will cover the costs of the fellowship and that the applicant is simply seeking a host organization that sees a potential benefit from the applicant’s fellowship project.
  • Send a resume and include, if available, a link to your website or professional social media profile.

Optional: Send us a short, 2-3 minute video or multi-media presentation, highlighting what you think we need to know about you and the uniqueness you will bring to the Fellows Program. Be creative!

Please send applications to:

 Applications are due by Midnight Central Time on February 11, 2018.