The ABA Center for Innovation encourages and accelerates innovations that improve the affordability, effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of legal services.

Have you ever thought that with enough time and resources you could develop answers to the many challenges affecting the legal profession and our justice system?

Now’s your chance. Come work with us at the ABA Center for Innovation. Be one of our fellows.
If you want to:

  • Improve Access to Justice
  • Use technology to address an urgent legal need
  • Design a better legal service delivery method
  • Help the public access legal information more easily
  • Give lawyers tools to work better, faster, and cheaper
  • Reduce the backlog in the courts
  • Address an urgent need in the community
  • Design solutions for self-represented litigants

The ABA Center for Innovation will provide you a space to dream big, build fast and make a difference in the legal community.