LegalTech For a Change

How it Works


Legal technology is expensive. Even for the most successful law firms and corporate legal departments purchasing the best tools available can be a challenge.  But for the legal aid community, this is especially difficult. For most, scarce resources coupled with increased demand for legal services makes finding time to evaluate, let alone budget for the best technology tools nearly impossible.

To help with this problem, the American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation, in partnership with the Legal Services Corporation, has launched the “LegalTech for a Change” program. The concept is simple. Legal tech companies and industry leaders who can offer their tools at a low-cost or hopefully for free to legal aid organization are encouraged to sign up below. Just tell us a little bit about your company and we’ll be in touch soon. After making sure you are the right fit for the program, we’ll help match you with legal aid organizations eager to implement tools like yours into their operations.

Why Should I Give?

  • Help improve Access to Justice
  • Get great feedback on your product from lawyers
  • Product exposure

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