Programs & Projects

One of our goals is to encourage and accelerate projects and programs that improve the delivery of legal services. Here, you’ll find information on Spotlight on Innovation, Collaborative Efforts, and Center Initiated Projects:

Spotlight on Innovation
A key function of the Center is to highlight what’s new and creative in the legal innovation space. Each month, Spotlight on Innovation shines a light on new approaches and ideas to improve legal services. You can tell us about an innovative project or program here.

Collaborative Efforts
Legal services innovators face tremendous challenges: time, money, culture change. We’re here to help. The Center can contribute multidisciplinary expertise, volunteers, and connections to make sure a project succeeds. You can learn more here.

Center Initiated Projects
In addition to its many collaborations, the Center drives several of its own projects to improve legal services:

We’re always searching for new ideas. You can find the areas we’re especially interested in here.