Areas of Focus

The Center for Innovation has identified the following areas in which to concentrate efforts:

1. Improving consumers’ ability to understand and access legal information and services, particularly in essential areas such as family law, domestic violence, government benefits, and consumer debt.

2. Improving the ability of veterans, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, tribal members, immigrants or other vulnerable or targeted populations to access appropriate legal information and assistance.

3. Making courts and court services more readily accessible and easier to navigate for litigants and jurors.

4. Improving the efficiency, transparency, and fairness of courts and court processes in both civil and criminal proceedings.

5. Improving the education of law students in order to prepare them to deliver legal services more efficiently and effectively.

6. Improving the public’s ability to easily find and retain counsel.

7. Ensuring the right to competent counsel in criminal proceedings is enforced.

8. Enabling lawyers, especially those in solo and in small firm practices, to deliver their services better, faster, or cheaper.

9. Improving the efficiency of corporate legal departments.

The Center always appreciates input and feedback on its innovation projects as well as on which areas the Center should focus. Please contact the Center for Innovation with any comments and feedback at .